Choosing a tailor can be a daunting task.

There are a few things you should consider to help you choose the


  • Read online reviews: 

  1. They should have a variety of reviews by men, women, professionals, brides, etc. 
  2. The review should be about various situations and garments. Like maybe ranging from swimwear to men’s suits to wedding dresses and even custom designs. Ideally, the tailoring shop should be well rounded in their skills.
  3. Look for any details like promptness, turn around time, attention to detail, customer service and convenience.
  • Personal recommendations:

  1. If you get a recommendation from a good friend or  high end retail shop, this is ideal.
  2. Usually they have used this tailoring shop repeatedly and have been happy with the results.
  3. No one wants to recommend someone bad, they don’t deserve more business.
  • Quality of workmanship:

  1. You should choose to get your alterations done by a shop that is up to your standards.
  2. Ask if they have worked on specific high end brands before you trust them with your investments.
  3. When you are getting the fitting, ask how is it going to be altered to achieve the fit you want. Will the seamstress use matching thread, keep the original hem or keep the same amount of buttonholes, etc.?
  • Location or mobile service:

  1. The tailoring shop should be nice and clean and well organized with plenty of staff and supplies.
  2. There should be easy parking and in a nice, convenient area.
  3. If it is more convenient for you, a tailor that travels to you to do the fitting and delivery is ideal. This service is great for busy professionals who have quite a few garments to get fitted and feel more comfortable in their own home or office.
  4. Utilizing a mobile service is a great time and money saver!
  • Operating hours:

  1. Of course, the tailoring shop needs to be open when it is convenient for you. Consider which days and what hours you can travel to the shop.
  2. If you get home late on weekdays, the best option would be the mobile service. After a long day, the extra convenience of the tailor traveling to you in greatly appreciated.
  3. Some customers like to get a fitting done early in the morning before work.
  4. Always ask what are the weekend hours.
  • Quick turn around time:

  1. This is a key component for a happy customer. Everyone likes to get quick results.
  2. Depending on the amount or the complexity of the alterations, one to two weeks is ample time. This is quality customer service.
  3. Sometimes there are situations where the customer has a last minute party or business meeting and needs the garments altered the same day. If the tailor says with confidence, it can be done, then they should be true to their word.
  4. For this same day turn around, an extra charge should be expected.
  • Price/Value for services:

  1. Price is very important but often the cheapest option, is not the best.
  2. You are paying for all the details listed above.
  3. Don’t forget, the seamstresses are responsible for maintaining the integrity and original design of your clothes. This can take extra time and attention but it is well worth the price.